About Bale

Surrounded by olive groves and Mediterranean scrubland, the beautiful Istrian town of Bale (Italian: Valle) lies halfway between Pula and Rovinj - only a few kilometres from the coast with beautiful beaches and crystal clear water.


Time seems to stand still in the narrow cobbled streets, the old walls tell stories of long past times. But Bale has much more to offer: a strong community of residents has awakened Bale from the sleeping beauty. They have set themselves the task of preserving the beauty of their place and the surrounding unspoilt nature and of making Bale worth living for future generations. The numerous renovated houses and the wide range of cultural and sporting activities bear witness to this exemplary commitment.

In Bale you will find holiday accommodation in all categories, inviting you to escape from the fast pace of everyday life and to immerse yourself in the peace and tranquillity of the place. Let yourself be surprised by the offers of the local konobas and restaurants and taste the local olive oils of the highest quality.

Bale is looking forward to seeing you!

Restaurants, cafés and bars

The gastronomic offer of Bales is surprisingly rich. It ranges from a variety of bars and cafés, country-specific conobas with delicious Istrian specialities to upscale gastronomy. 

Just try it out! 

Restaurant La Grisa

The restaurant, which belongs to the Hotel 'La Grisa', offers an upscale Mediterranean and Istrian cuisine in a wonderful ambience in the middle of the old town of Bale - at moderate prices.

Wine connoisseurs can expect a rich selection of local and international wines.

La Grisa 23, 52211 Bale phone: +385 (0)52 824 501


Newly opened in 2022, the restaurant 'Borghetto' impresses with fresh Mediterranean cuisine on a beautiful garden terrace in the old town of Bale.

Borgo 9, 52211 Bale
phone: +385 (0)91 5170145

Konoba Mali Mol

On a large outdoor terrace there are great pizzas, but also fresh fish and meat from the charcoal barbecue.

The Mali Mol is open all year round!

Ulica Fonde, 52211 Bale
phone: +385 (0)99 798 0325

Stancija Meneghetti

Stancija Meneghetti is beautifully located near the sea surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. A culinary treat for gourmets. Stancija Meneghetti is also known for its excellent wines and olive oils.

Stancija Meneghetti 1, 52211 Bale  phone: +385 (0)91 243 1600

Restaurant Lav

The Hotel Villa Lav is located on the outskirts of Bale. In addition to Istrian dishes, the restaurant also offers very tasty Macedonian specialities. Everything is freshly prepared, so you should take your time during the high season.

Grote 25, 52211 Bale  phone: +385 (0)52 824 267

Mol Picio

Located directly on the beach of Colone, this restaurant offers Mediterranean food in a modern and stylish atmosphere. 

Camp Colone, 52211 Bale
Mol Picio on Facebook  phone: +385 (0)99 401 8934

Porto Buz

The Porto Buz restaurant on the beach of Colone offers delicious pizzas and pasta in a relaxed atmosphere with sea view.

Camp Colone, 52211 Bale

Café San Rocco

In addition to a wide selection of ice creams, you can enjoy the best homemade cakes in Istria. Freshly prepared daily by the owner - irresistibly good!

Our tip: Try cream slices and fruit tart.

Zagrebačka 2, 52211 Bale
phone: +385 (0)99 507 3003

Konoba Ćakula

Typical Istrian Konoba with a large outdoor terrace - here you meet the locals for coffee in the morning.

Trg La Musa 18, 5211 Bale
phone: +385 (0)52 824 396

Gostionica Kod Kancelira

The speciality of the traditional Gostionica is homemade gnocchi and fuži with game or poultry. You should also try the pizzas from the wood oven. On the opposite side of the street there is a beautiful summer terrace with a view of the old town, in the cooler season there is a barbecue by the open fireplace!

Istarska 3, 52211 Bale
phone: +385 (0)52 824 445

Konoba Bembo

Situated directly next to the Hotel La Grisa with a large, rustic outdoor terrace and historic dining room. Typical Istrian dishes are offered, such as homemade Fuži, Gnocchi and Pršut, but also fish and meat!

San Zuian 24, 52211 Bale
Konoba Bembo on Facebook  phone.: +385 (0)52 824 500

Kamene Priče

The Kamene Priče is something very special: situated in the middle of the old town, you can eat here in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a good wine - often with live music in summer.  

Castel 57, 52211 Bale  phone: +385 (0)91 525 3383

Pizzeria Bistro Toni

Toni offers delicious pizzas fresh from the stone oven at reasonable prices. Of course, Istrian dishes are not missing on the menu.

The pizzeria is located just outside Bale towards the beach. A trip there is definitely worthwhile!

Rovinjska 51a, 52211 Bale
Bistro Toni on Facebook  phone: +385 (0)52 824282



1 - The historic old town of Bale

100Through the archway of the Bembo Palace, one enters the old town centre of Bale. Its origins go back to Roman times. In the early Middle Ages the settlement was fortified and secured with a city wall, which was destroyed in the war with Hungary in 1413. Remains of these remains can still be seen in the outer walls of the Bembo Palace. Today's buildings with their characteristic stone houses date largely from the 17th - 19th century.
In the narrow cobbled alleys between the old walls you will feel as if you have been transported back in time - let yourself be enchanted by it!

2 - Parish Church Sv. Elisabeti

061The neo-Baroque parish church of the 'Visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the St. Elisabeth' (also named 'Sveti Julian') was built in 1882 on the foundations of an older 9th century church. Findings prove that a Byzantine chapel already existed here in the 5th-6th century. Today's church houses numerous art treasures from the 8th to 15th centuries, including a wooden altar from the 9th century and a Romanesque crucifix from the 12th century.

Entering the church, which, by the way, is reminiscent of the Euphrasius Basilica in Porec, the colourful frescoes, framed by the brightness of the white arcades, are surprising.

3 - Lapidarium

063In the crypt of the parish church Sv. Elisabeti is the Lapidarium. It houses a remarkable collection of sculptures and sarcophagi from antiquity and the early Middle Ages. The entrance to the Lapidarium is on the back of the church.

From the Lapidarium you can also visit the church, which is otherwise only open for worship services.

Opening hours in summer from 10:00 -13:00 & 17:00-20:00 h, otherwise by arrangement, admission 15 kn (approx. 2, - €)

4 - Palazzo Soardo Bembo

050On the site of a Roman castrum there is probably the most striking building in Bales, the palazzo of the Soardo and Bembo families. The two original fortified towers date from the early Middle Ages and were connected by a bridge. From 1331 onwards, the towers were extended under Venetian rule and finally connected by the owners of that time, the Soardo family, in the 15th and 16th century by a residential wing.

In the first tower of the palace there is a Gothic archway through which you enter the old town centre. Above the archway is the coat of arms of the Soardo-Bembo family, a Venetian lion with an open book, and a sundial embedded in the façade.

The castle has been extensively renovated in recent years by the Italian municipality of Bales and is open to the public. Today the premises are used for cultural events.


5 - Town hall and Trg Tomaso Bembo

064Opposite Bembo Castle is the 14th century town hall, also built in Venetian style. In the Middle Ages it served as a place of jurisdiction and also as a granary. The building, rebuilt in the nineteenth century in neo-Gothic style, now houses the town hall of Bale. 

Together with the fort Soardo Bembo, the palace forms a beautiful backdrop for the main square of Bale, the Trg Tomaso Bembo. The building on the north side of the square with its Gothic windows is also remarkable, as well as the bell tower next to the Bembo Palace, integrated into the remains of the city wall.

6 - Chapel Sveti Duh

duhThe small church of the Holy Spirit (Sv. Duh) was built in the 15th century. Particularly remarkable is the roofing of the church with stone slabs. The interior contains frescoes by master craftsman Albert von Konstanz, also from the 15th century.

7 - Chapel Sant Elena and Trg Sant Elena

elenaThe small chapel of Sant Elena is located in the northern part of the old town. It was built in the 18th century on the site of a former gate to the old city wall.

In front of the church is the beautiful square 'Trg Sant Elena'. The former parade ground is dominated by a large building with blue shutters on the north side. During the short period of French occupation, it served as the administrative headquarters and is therefore today known as the 'French House'.

8 - Church Sveti Ilija

eliaSveti Ilija is a small church in the pre-Romanesque style and probably dates from the 7th or 8th century. In the 14th century it was rebuilt and extended by a bell tower. It is one of the oldest churches in Istria.

9 - Chapel Sveti Antun Opat

antunAt the cemetery of Bale there is this small chapel from the 14th century. Today, the cross-shaped building serves as a cemetery chapel and houses some Gothic frescoes. Some Glagolitic inscriptions from the 15th and 16th centuries have also been preserved.

10 - MMC 'Ulika'

ulika-1The multimedia centre 'Ulika' is the cultural centre of Bale. In addition to the tourist information desk, there is a changing exhibition of local artists on the ground floor.

A palaeontological exhibition has been on the upper floor since 2014. Among others, you can admire dinosaur bones, which were found in 1991 in the bay of Colone. Incidentally, this find is unique in the entire Mediterranean region. An extensive ornithological collection of native bird species can also be admired.

11 - Sveti Mičel

micel-1The chapel of Sveti Mičel (Italian: San Michele) is located on a small hill east of Bale, about 200 m above sea level. Although the chapel is in a bad condition, the beautiful walk of Bale (roundtrip approx. 1 hour) is definitely worthwhile: From the hill you have a fantastic panoramic view over the Istrian peninsula!

12 - Bird sanctuary Palud

160The only bird sanctuary in Istria is located north of Colone Bay. A swampy area has developed in a small depression that was connected to the sea by a 200 m long channel at the beginning of the 20th century. Due to the increasing salt content, the development of mosquitoes and the transmission of malaria infections were successfully combated. 

Today, the small lake attracts numerous bird species, including many endangered species. Bird lovers can observe the activity from an observation station.

13 - Herbal Park Histria Aromatica

aromatica-01In the summer of 2014, after more than 10 years of construction, this unique natural park has opened its doors on a small hill near Bale. The variety of Istrian flora is presented on an area of 25 hectares: fig and olive trees, vines and above all the 300 different aromatic aromatic herbs create a very special atmosphere. A walk through the terraced flowerbeds enchants all the senses.

14 - The bays of San Pol and Colone

200The bays of San Pol and Colone are certainly among the most beautiful beaches in Istria. They also offer remarkable archaeological finds. For example, near the San Pol beach, remains of a Roman villa have been uncovered. At the beach Colone there is a small chapel Sv. Jakov from the 14th century.

A stroll along the coast is a delightful experience, but you should bring along some sure-footedness.

15 - Fort Forno

fornoSouth of the beach Colone in the direction of Barbariga there are impressive testimonies from the k. u. k. period: Between 1898 and 1914, extensive defensive structures were built between Bale and Pula to secure the naval base in Pula. At the southern end of the Colone beach begins the area of the former Forno fort and the barracks of Paravia behind it.

Fort Forno is still very impressive, despite the many destructions, and offers beautiful views of the numerous bays along the coast between Rovinj and Pula. Attention: The whole area is restricted area and an' official' access is not possible - entering at your own risk!



At Trg La Musa there is a small, well-stocked supermarket with butcher's shop and bakery (Kancelira). On the road to the beach there are 2 fruit and vegetable stands with home-grown produce in the summer. For larger purchases we recommend the supermarkets in Rovinj. Coming from Bale, at the entrance to Rovinj there are Lidl, Plodine and Konzum.

Olive oil

There are several olive oil producers in Bale. Here you can taste the oils:

  • Olivetti - Emanuel Grubić: Aldo Negri 7, here there is also a small museum with olive oil mill
  • Bembo - Familie Lupic: Trg Tomaso Bembo 14, Olive oils and olive products, also gift articles
  • Marughe d.o.o: Grote 18, the owner also runs the Café San Rocco
  • Meneghetti: Stancija Meneghetti, award-winning olive oils and wines with restaurant and hotel
  • San Tommaso in Bale-Golas: There is also a small museum about viticulture. On request you can also eat here (only for groups)
  • Stancija Meneghetti: award-winning wines and olive oils with restaurant and hotel
About money
  • ATM at the Amfora agency and the Kancelir supermarket
  • Money exchange in the agency Amfora
Agency & Kiosk Amfora

Our partner agency Amfora is located at Trg La Musa. Diana and Cristian Bissi are always available for information during your stay. Here you can carry out the guest registration, if this is not taken over by your landlord. You will then receive a registration form giving you free access to the beaches of San Polo and Colone.

You will also receive information material about Bale and a small selection of international magazines.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 07:30 to 13:00 h and 15:00 to 19:00 h


In the old town there are some souvenir shops as well as galleries with handmade jewellery and pottery (e. g. Galerie Jasmin).


San Pol und Colone

San Polo and Colone are the two beaches of Bale. This can be reached via a 5 km long asphalted road directly from Bale by car or bicycle. There are camping sites on both beaches, so that the beaches around the campsite are a little more frequented, especially in the high season. If you don't mind a short walk along the rocky coastline, you will soon find a lonely place in this time too.


This bay is located north of the bird sanctuary Palud and can only be reached by car on gravel roads and with some knowledge of the area. The pebble and rocky beach there is often visited by locals.


Other recommendable beaches are located near Rovinj and further south at Barbariga and Fazana.

A special natural highlight is the Rt Kamenjak. For a longer stay in Bale you should definitely make a day trip there! Rt Kamenjak is located south of Pula and forms the southern tip of Istria. The nature park offers fantastic rock formations with many bathing coves. Rt Kamenjak is a nature reserve, but can be used by car or bicycle from Premantura for an entrance fee.

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