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The charming town is located in the interior of Istria and is characterized by its authentic medieval charm. The historic center of Svetvinčenat is characterized by the well-preserved castle of the Morisin-Grimani family from 1589. It has a rectangular plan and is surrounded by massive walls and towers that were once used for defense. The building combines elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, reflecting the various historical influences that have impacted the region over the centuries. Together with the loggia and St. Mary's Church, the Renaissance facades on the main square form a unique architectural ensemble.

The town is also known for its annual medieval festival "Days of the Knights of Svetvinčenat", where visitors can delve into the past. During the festival, traditional jousting, historical dances and regional food and drink are presented, creating an unforgettable experience for locals and tourists alike.

There are also some nice taverns and cafés near the main square that invite you to linger.

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